Red Dawn Apr 29, 2007Irish Red Ale
Big Red Truck Blonde Mar 31, 2007Blonde Ale
Libertine IPA Apr 21, 2007American IPA
Clansman 80/- Mar 17, 2007Scottish Export 80/-
Pale American Whiteboy Mar 18, 2007American Pale Ale
Common Californication (3) Feb 18, 2007California Common Beer
Old Brown Shoe Mar 10, 2007Northern English Brown Ale
Breeg’s Bitter Feb 11, 2007Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)
Lightning Arse Feb 18, 2007Strong Scotch Ale
Red Dawn Feb 4, 2007Irish Red Ale
Clansman 80/- (3) Jan 27, 2007Scottish Export 80/-
Orange Krush Jan 6, 2007Witbier
Use The Schwarz (3) Jan 1, 2007Schwarzbier
Freebird IPA Dec 17, 2006American IPA
Sexual Chocolate Stout Dec 10, 2006Oatmeal Stout
Breeg’s Bitter Nov 20, 2006Special/Best/Premium Bitter
Pale American Whiteboy Dec 3, 2006American Pale Ale
Clansman 80/- Nov 10, 2006Scottish Export 80/-
How Now Brown Stout Nov 4, 2006Oatmeal Stout
St. Nicholas of Myra Winter Warmer Oct 15, 2006Old Ale
Pale American Whiteboy Oct 7, 2006American Pale Ale
Clansman 80/- Sep 23, 2006Scottish Export 80/-
Liege 1914 Sep 9, 2006Belgian Pale Ale
Big Red Truck Blonde Aug 20, 2006Blonde Ale
Humptoberfest Aug 13, 2006Oktoberfest/Marzen
Old Brown Shoe Jul 20, 2006Northern English Brown Ale
Common Californication Jul 8, 2006California Common Beer
Big Red Truck Blonde Jun 11, 2006Blonde Ale
T.P. Sully’s Dunkelweizen May 27, 2006Dunkelweizen
Common Californication Apr 22, 2006California Common Beer
Use the Schwarz Mar 26, 2006Schwarzbier
Great Scot 80/- Feb 26, 2006Scottish Export 80/-
Old Brown...Porter? Feb 20, 2006Robust Porter
Use The Schwarz Feb 6, 2006Schwarzbier
Honey Weizenheimer Jan 21, 2006Weizen/Weissbier
Old Brown Shoe Jan 6, 2006Northern English Brown Ale
SputterGriff May 5, 2007Imperial IPA
Breeg’s Bitter May 28, 2007Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)
T.P. Sully’s Dunkelweizen Jun 3, 2007Dunkelweizen
El Jefe Jun 9, 2007Weizen/Weissbier
Pale American Whiteboy Jun 24, 2007American Pale Ale
ALTernate Universe Jun 29, 2007Dusseldorf Altbier
Big Red Truck Blonde Jul 7, 2007Blonde Ale
Lightning Arse Jul 22, 2007Strong Scotch Ale
Coppertone Tan Jul 29, 2007American Amber Ale
Libertine IPA Aug 12, 2007American IPA
Anchorman Porter Aug 25, 2007Robust Porter
Breeg’s Bitter Aug 31, 2007Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)
Orange on a Pencil Sep 4, 2007Scottish Light 60/-
St. Nicholas Winter Warmer Sep 9, 2007Old Ale
Eald Munuc Sep 23, 2007Belgian Dubbel
Pale American Whiteboy Sep 30, 2007American Pale Ale
Elle Diable Oct 7, 2007Belgian Blond Ale
Red Dawn Oct 21, 2007Irish Red Ale
Snapper Head Nov 3, 2007Cream Ale
Humptoberfest Jan 4, 2009Oktoberfest/Marzen
Pale American Whiteboy Apr 4, 2009American Pale Ale
Double Wit Jan 10, 2009Witbier
Coppertone Tan Nov 25, 2007American Amber Ale
Waco Kid Brown Ale Dec 16, 2007American Brown Ale1
60-Minute Ticker Jan 5, 2008American IPA1
Limey’s Big Toe Bitter Jan 13, 2008Standard/Ordinary Bitter
Ich Bin Zuruck Jan 21, 2008Vienna Lager1
Orange on a Pencil Feb 3, 2008Scottish Light 60/-
Clansman 80/- Feb 16, 2008Scottish Export 80/-
Danke Osterhase Mar 1, 2008Traditional Bock
Red Dawn Mar 9, 2008Irish Red Ale
All That Glitters Is Golden Ale Mar 16, 2008Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Breakfast Apr 5, 2008Sweet Stout
Snapper Head Apr 13, 2008Cream Ale
Like The Dickens Apr 21, 2008Common Cider
Hecubus May 3, 2008American Barleywine
Hecubus, Jr. May 4, 2008American Amber Ale
Theowick Irish Pale Ale May 11, 2008Irish Red Ale
Bigus Dicus (Lupulus Imperialus Premiumus) May 11, 2008Premium American Lager
60-Minute Ticker May 18, 2008American IPA
RHBC Baltic Porter Jun 21, 2008Baltic Porter1
All That Glitters Is Golden Ale Jul 6, 2008Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Timothy’s Tripel Jul 13, 2008Belgian Tripel
Uncle Kwaker Aug 3, 2008Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Humptoberfest Aug 10, 2008Oktoberfest/Marzen1
Kingsbridge IPA Aug 10, 2008English IPA
Mildly Amused Aug 24, 2008Mild
Theowick Irish Pale Ale Aug 24, 2008Irish Red Ale
Le Reveillon Sep 6, 2008Saison
Red Bocktobier Sep 14, 2008Traditional Bock
St. Nicholas Winter Warmer Sep 21, 2008Old Ale
Lightning Arse Sep 28, 2008Strong Scotch Ale
Saison Par-Automne Sep 28, 2008Saison
23 Skidoo Jan 24, 2009Belgian Specialty Ale
All That Glitters Is Golden Ale Oct 18, 2008Belgian Blond Ale
60-Minute Ticker Oct 25, 2008American IPA
Fetchez la Vache Nov 23, 2008Biere de Garde
Stalin’s Skidmarks Dec 23, 2008Imperial Stout2
Waco Kid Rides Again Nov 30, 2008American Brown Ale
Eald Munuc Dec 7, 2008Belgian Dubbel
Timothy’s Tripel Dec 14, 2008Belgian Tripel
The Number 23 Jan 24, 2009Specialty Beer
All That Glitters Is Golden Ale Feb 8, 2009Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Dunkelknucklehead Feb 15, 2009Dunkelweizen
Blessed and Cursed Feb 21, 2009Belgian Dark Strong Ale2
Red Bocktobier Mar 29, 2009Traditional Bock
Breeg’s Bitter Apr 12, 2009Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)
Big Red Truck Blonde May 4, 2009Blonde Ale
Red Menace May 31, 2009American Amber Ale
Fetchez la Vache Jul 5, 2009Biere de Garde1
Liege 1914 Jul 25, 2009Belgian Pale Ale1
Sardonic Wit Jul 25, 2009Belgian Specialty Ale
Humptoberfest Jul 19, 2009Oktoberfest/Marzen
Le Reveillon Aug 9, 2009Belgian Specialty Ale
Blessed and Cursed Aug 9, 2009Belgian Dark Strong Ale3
Dark Matter Aug 15, 2009Weizenbock
Bastogne Golden Blonde Aug 22, 2009Belgian Blond Ale1
All That Glitters is Golden Aug 23, 2009Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Fra-gee-lay Aug 15, 2009Fruit Beer
Breeg’s Windsor Bitter Sep 7, 2009Special/Best/Premium Bitter
Breeg’s Nottingham Bitter Sep 7, 2009Special/Best/Premium Bitter
Humptoberfest Sep 27, 2009Oktoberfest/Marzen
Cork on a Fork Nov 21, 2009Imperial IPA
Pale American Whiteboy Nov 7, 2009American Pale Ale
Bastogne Golden Blonde Nov 28, 2009Belgian Golden Strong Ale1
Liege 1914 Nov 22, 2009Belgian Pale Ale
Noire Comme Nuit Dec 12, 2009Belgian Specialty Ale1
Timothy’s Tripel Jan 1, 2010Belgian Tripel5
Mildly Amused Jan 2, 2010Mild
Kentucky Common Jan 2, 2010Specialty Beer
Czechmate Mar 27, 2010Bohemian Pilsener1
Mr. Mojo Ryesin Jan 24, 2010American Wheat or Rye Beer
Blessed and Cursed Jan 24, 2010Belgian Dark Strong Ale2
Acerbic Munuc Mar 13, 2010Flanders Brown Ale/Oud Bruin1
Red Menace Mar 21, 2010American IPA
Chitty Chitty Sweet and Gritty Apr 10, 2010Foreign Extra Stout
Big Red Truck - Colorado Blonde May 16, 2010Blonde Ale
Blithering Blattered Bastard May 1, 2010English Barleywine3
Speakeasy Jun 6, 2010Classic American Pilsner
Lightning Arse Jun 12, 2010Strong Scotch Ale2
Pale Sardonic Wit Jul 5, 2010Witbier1
Friar Confounded Jun 26, 2010Belgian Specialty Ale1
Vader (Sh*t My Darth Says) Aug 21, 2010Specialty Beer
Ten Cubed Oct 24, 2010American Barleywine
Humptoberfest Aug 1, 2010Oktoberfest/Marzen
Fetchez la Vache Aug 21, 2010Biere de Garde5
Belgo-Rouge IPA Aug 22, 2010Belgian Specialty Ale
Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator Nov 27, 2010Doppelbock
Strawberry Alarm Clock Aug 29, 2010Cyser
Bastogne Blonde Sep 26, 2010Belgian Blond Ale1
Mellow Mel Sep 23, 2010Other Fruit Melomel1
El Jefe Sep 11, 2010Weizen/Weissbier
Fetchez la Blonde (Can-Belgian) Nov 6, 2010Biere de Garde
Fetchez la Blonde (BDG) Nov 6, 2010Biere de Garde
Chicory Dickory Doc Dec 10, 2010Brown Porter
Timothy’s Tripel Jan 16, 2011Belgian Tripel3
Cit and Spin Jan 16, 2011American Pale Ale
23 Skidoo Jan 16, 2011Saison
Collaboration and Inebriation Feb 12, 2011Wood-Aged Beer2
Poind’extra Mar 12, 2011Belgian Specialty Ale
Czechmate Mar 13, 2011Bohemian Pilsener
Monk with a Woody Apr 3, 2011Belgian Tripel
Fetchez la Vache Sep 17, 2011Biere de Garde1
El Jefe May 30, 2011Weizen/Weissbier1
Blessed and Cursed Jul 2, 2011Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Bravo Company May 1, 2011American Pale Ale
Pale Sardonic Wit May 1, 2011Witbier
Mr. Mojo Ryesin’ May 15, 2011American IPA
Papa Patersbier Jun 25, 2011Belgian Specialty Ale
Seventh Son Aug 13, 2011Imperial IPA
Brettudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator Aug 10, 2011Flanders Red Ale
Ich Bin Zuruck Sep 5, 2011Vienna Lager
Sardonic Wit Nov 12, 2011Witbier
Two Fives IPA Sep 11, 2011American IPA1
Saison Octobre Sep 18, 2011Saison
Saison Decembre Oct 30, 2011Belgian Specialty Ale
Seventh Son Dec 26, 2011Imperial IPA
ImpyNut Brown Nov 20, 2011Northern English Brown Ale
Old Brown Shoe Nov 6, 2011Northern English Brown Ale
Goatboy’s Revenge Dec 10, 2011Maibock/Helles Bock1
Blackberry Tart Nov 12, 2011Belgian Specialty Ale
Timothy’s Tripel Jan 21, 2012Belgian Tripel
Vader (Sh*t My Darth Says) Jan 22, 2012American Style Black Ale
Blessed and Funked Apr 7, 2012Belgian Dark Strong Ale1
Alternate Universe Jul 4, 2012Northern German Altbier
Use the Schwarz Mar 17, 2012Schwarzbier1
Leige 1914 Apr 22, 2012Belgian Pale Ale
Friar Confounded Again Apr 22, 2012Belgian Specialty Ale
Glutensphere Noggin May 5, 2012American IPA
Sardonic Wit May 11, 2012Witbier
Big Red Truck Jul 4, 2012Blonde Ale
Grand Cru Jul 22, 2012Flanders Red Ale
Humptoberfest Aug 5, 2012Oktoberfest/Marzen1
Saison Octobre Sep 23, 2012Saison1
Fetchez la Vache Sep 23, 2012Biere de Garde1
Sardonic Wit Nov 20, 2012Witbier
Ermahgerd Oct 21, 2012Belgian Specialty Ale1
Mr. Mojo Ryesin Sep 3, 2012American Wheat or Rye Beer1
El Jefe Sep 9, 2012Weizen/Weissbier
Mildly Amused Nov 10, 2012Mild
Headlong Dunkel Jan 2, 2013Munich Dunkel
Funkinwitcha Nov 20, 2012Belgian Specialty Ale
Eald Munuc Feb 3, 2013Belgian Dubbel
Timothy’s Tripel Apr 13, 2013Belgian Tripel
Wassail Maple Brown Jun 23, 2013Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer1
Czechmate Jan 2, 2013Bohemian Pilsener2
Two Fives Feb 16, 2013American IPA
Mildly Amused Mar 16, 2013Mild
I Know Notzing Apr 13, 2013Kolsch
Where Eagles Dare May 5, 2013Traditional Bock
Bastogne Blonde Jun 9, 2013Belgian Blond Ale
Funkin’Ra May 24, 2013Belgian Specialty Ale
Wrathchild May 27, 2013American IPA
Fetchez la Vache Sep 2, 2013Biere de Garde1
The Devil You Know Jul 27, 2013Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Lil Devil Jul 26, 2013Saison
Dark Matter Nov 17, 2013Weizenbock
Cherry Poppin Daddy Jul 27, 2013Fruit Cider1
Wrathchild Aug 17, 2013American IPA
Owd Letch Nov 29, 2013Old Ale
Clean Out The Closet IIPA Dec 28, 2013Imperial IPA
Cherry Poppin Daddy Feb 9, 2014Fruit Cider
Alt Rock Feb 22, 2014Dusseldorf Altbier
Auslander Feb 22, 2014Roggenbier (German Rye Beer)
Czechmate Feb 17, 2014Bohemian Pilsener
Humptoberfest Munichen Mar 23, 2014Oktoberfest/Marzen
Funkinwitcha Jun 5, 2014Belgian Specialty Ale
Sardonic Wit Jun 5, 2014Witbier
Big Brew IIPA May 3, 2014Imperial IPA
Big Red Truck Jun 25, 2014Blonde Ale
Lil Devil Jul 17, 2014Saison
Especial Aug 15, 2014Munich Helles
Breakfast Mar 14, 2015Sweet Stout
Black on Black Apr 24, 2016Fruit Cider
Cherry Poppin Daddy Apr 24, 2016Fruit Cider
Saison Wit’cha Jun 12, 2016Saison
Sardonic Wit Jun 12, 2016Witbier
Fetchez la Vache Jul 17, 2016Biere de Garde1
Czechmate Jan 3, 2017Bohemian Pilsener1
Humptoberfest Jul 31, 2016Festbier
Fetchez la Blonde Aug 13, 2016Biere de Garde2
Two Fives Aug 27, 2016Double IPA
Chitty Chitty Sweet and Gritty Oct 7, 2016Foreign Extra Stout1
Timothy’s Tripel Oct 10, 2016Belgian Tripel
Mildly Amused Oct 22, 2016Mild
Turbidible Nov 13, 2016American Pale Ale
Funkinwitcha Nov 5, 2016Brett Beer
Elle Diable Jan 3, 2017Belgian Blond Ale
Peanut Butthurt Mar 5, 2017English Brown Ale
Kerfuffle (Citra and Belma) Feb 18, 2017American Pale Ale
Chitty Chitty (Making a Mockery) Mar 19, 2017Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer1
Hella Bitch Apr 23, 2017German Exportbier3
Kerfuffle (Azacca and Mosaic) Apr 23, 2017American IPA
Kerfuffle (Equinox, El Dorado, and Cascade) Apr 23, 2017American IPA
Blithering Blattered Bastard May 6, 2017English Barleywine
Fetchez la Vache Jun 25, 2017Biere de Garde
Alternate Universe Jun 25, 2017Altbier2
Timothy’s Tripel Oct 1, 2017Belgian Tripel
Dark Matter Jul 30, 2017Weizenbock
Fra-gee-lay Jul 30, 2017Fruit Beer
Salacious Specks Jul 30, 2017American IPA1
Le Reveillon Aug 27, 2017Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer
Le Reveillon des Gnomes Aug 27, 2017Wood-Aged Beer1
Tiny Tim Oct 1, 2017Belgian Blond Ale1
Mein Sprockets Feb 4, 2018German Pils
Humptoberfest Nov 5, 2017Marzen
Ambree Nov 5, 2017Belgian Specialty Ale
Pale American Whiteboy Dec 27, 2017American Pale Ale
Solera 2021 - Year One Dec 27, 2017Lambic
Salacious Specks Feb 25, 2018American IPA
Salacious Lactatious Feb 21, 2018American IPA