Classic American Pilsner – All Grain



Even with cool water I could only chill the wort down to 68°F - next time, need to pre-chill the Therminator and pre-chill the cooling water through a copper coil submerged in ice water.

Chilled the wort the remaining 20 degrees in the fermentation freezer. Took four hours (June 7, 2010).

After a three day diacetyl rest, racked to kegs and began lagering process. Had a sample when I took the FG reading. Sweetness from the maize with a distinct hop character. No diacetyl, slight DMS - which is somewhat expected from the pils malt and/or the maize (June 28, 2010).

After a week and a half of lagering, a distinct sweetness is abound in this one - the corn lends an evident flavor. Otherwise, the beer is clean with the expected nose and flavors of pils malt, slight sulfur, and sweet-corn. Easy drinking. Some hop bitterness and carbonation bite to balance the sweeter profile (July 9, 2010).

Malts and Grains

Amount Malt/Grain %
16.50 pounds American Pilsen Malt 82.5%
2.00 pounds Flaked Maize 10%
1.00 pounds American Dextrin (Cara-Pils) Malt 5%
0.50 pounds German Acidulated (Sauer) Malt 2.5%
20.00 pounds Total Grain Weight 100%


Amount Hop Time AA
1.25 ounces Saaz 90 min 5.1%
0.50 ounces Magnum 60 min 12.5%
1.75 ounces Saaz 15 min 5.1%
1.75 ounces Saaz 0 min 5.1%
5.25 ounces Total Hop Weight


Name Lab/Manufacturer Product ID Amount
American Lager Wyeast 2035 3000 ml

Equipment Profile Converted Keg, 10 Gallon/38 Liter Cooler Mash Tun


Converted 15.5 gallon/59 liter keg boil kettle for full boil with a 10 gallon/38 liter cooler as a mash/lauter tun.

Mash Profile Double Decoction


Draw some of the mash, rest, and boil. Add back to main mash.

Mash Steps

# Name Time Temp. Description
1 Protein Rest 35 min. 122°F

Add water at 126° F / 52° C

2 Saccharification 20 min. 147°F

Decoct 30% of mash, rest for at least 10 minutes, and boil

3 Saccharification 20 min. 158°F

Decoct 15% of mash, rest for at least 10 minutes, and boil

4 Mash Out 10 min. 168°F

Heat to 168° F / 75° C for at least 10 minutes

Water Profile Denver, Colorado

Fermentation and Aging

18 days @ 48° F
3 days @ 58° F
35 days @ 34° F


Date Brewed: __________________________________
Brewer/Assistant: __________________________________

Brew Day Data

  Target Actual Notes
Str Water Amt: 6.7                                                                                                                 
Str Water Temp:      
Mash Temp:      
Mash Time:      
Sp Water Amt: 11    
Sp Water Temp:      
Pre-Boil Grav:      
Pre-Boil Amt: 12.4    
Post-Boil Amt: 10    
Boil Time: 90    
Mash PH:      
Boil PH: