American IPA – All Grain


General Info

Inspired by Denny Conn's Rye IPA.


Definitely needs less Crystal malt. Perhaps half. Too much residual sweetness and/or not enough attenuation - not much of an IPA in the way of hops due to the overpowering caramel. Sweet initial taste with spiciness from the rye.

Tweaks for next time:

  • Lower mash temp and/or less C60.
  • More aggressive late hopping with a more characterful hop variety.
  • California Ale or 1056 may yield less fruitiness.

Malts and Grains

Amount Malt/Grain %
21.00 pounds American Pale Malt (2-Row) 66.7%
6.00 pounds American Rye Malt 19%
2.50 pounds Crystal Malt 60L 7.9%
1.00 pounds American Wheat Malt 3.2%
1.00 pounds American Munich Malt 3.2%
31.50 pounds Total Grain Weight 100%


Amount Hop Time AA
2.00 ounces Hallertauer Mittlefruh 90 min 4.7%
2.75 ounces Chinook 60 min 12.4%
1.00 ounces Hallertauer Mittlefruh 30 min 4.7%
3.00 ounces Hallertauer Mittlefruh 1 min 4.7%
1.00 ounces Chinook 1 min 12.4%
2.75 ounces Chinook 0 min 11.3%
12.50 ounces Total Hop Weight


Name Lab/Manufacturer Product ID Amount
Safale Fermentis US-05 24 gr

Equipment Profile 15 Gallon/57 Liter Brew Pot (15) and 10 Gallon/38 Liter Cooler Mash Tun

Mash Profile Single Infusion "Sweet Spot" Mash, No Mash Out


Well suited for many American style where balance is desired.

Mash Steps

# Name Time Temp. Description
1 Infusion 60 min. 152°F

"Sweet spot" infusion - balanced between Beta and Alpha Amalyse reactions.

Water Profile Denver, Colorado

Fermentation and Aging

14 days @ 68° F
7 days @ 68° F
28 days @ 50° F

Mr. Mojo Ryesin’

Date Brewed:  

Brew Day Data

  Target Actual Notes
Strike Water Amount: 10.5    
Strike Water Temperature:      
Mash Temperature(s):      
Mash Time:      
Sparge Water Amount: 7.2    
Sparge Water Temperature:      
Pre-Boil Gravity:      
Pre-Boil Amount: 11    
Post-Boil Amount: 10    
Boil Time: 90    
OG: 1.072 / 17.5° P    
Mash PH:      
Boil PH:      

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