Belgian Specialty Ale – All Grain


General Info

Split batch. This one will be fermented with Brett C. only.

Split the split batch at four months. Took half out and kegged as an unadulterated Brett White. The other half was augmented with two gallons of Wit that was left over and a can of raspberry puree.

Malts and Grains

Amount Malt/Grain %
4.00 pounds German Pilsen Malt (2-Row) 40%
2.75 pounds German Wheat Malt Light 27.5%
1.25 pounds German Wheat Malt Dark 12.5%
0.50 pounds Flaked Oats 5%
1.50 pounds American Pale Malt (2-Row) 15%
10.00 pounds Total Grain Weight 100%


Amount Non-Fermentable Time
0.75 oz Bitter Orange Peel 5 minutes
0.50 oz. Coriander Seed 5 minutes
2 tea bags Chamomile 5 minutes


Amount Hop Time AA
0.50 ounces Sterling 60 min 7.7%
0.50 ounces Total Hop Weight


Name Lab/Manufacturer Product ID Amount
Brettanomyces Claussenii White Labs WLP645 2000 ml

Equipment Profile 15 Gallon/57 Liter Brew Pot (15) and 10 Gallon/38 Liter Cooler Mash Tun

Mash Profile Single Infusion "Sweet Spot" Mash, No Mash Out


Well suited for many American style where balance is desired.

Mash Steps

# Name Time Temp. Description
1 Infusion 60 min. 152°F

"Sweet spot" infusion - balanced between Beta and Alpha Amalyse reactions.

Water Profile Denver, Colorado


  • Single infusion mash at 152°F, or single decoction.
  • Boil 90 minutes, adding hops according to schedule.
  • Add dried zests and coriander at 85 minutes into boil.
  • Cool wort.
  • Pitch yeast.

Fermentation and Aging

14 days @ 70° F


Date Brewed: __________________________________
Brewer/Assistant: __________________________________

Brew Day Data

  Target Actual Notes
Str Water Amt: 3.3                                                                                                                 
Str Water Temp:      
Mash Temp:      
Mash Time:      
Sp Water Amt: 7.1    
Sp Water Temp:      
Pre-Boil Grav:      
Pre-Boil Amt: 7.3    
Post-Boil Amt: 5    
Boil Time: 90    
Mash PH:      
Boil PH: