Old Ale – All Grain


General Info

Recipe formulated as a medium-to-high-strength Winter Warmer...a beer to snuggle up to for the holidays. This one will be bottle conditioned.


Racked to primary and took a gravity reading. Pitched yeast (October 15, 2006). Fermentation began in earnest two days later (October 17, 2006).

Racked to secondary and took a gravity reading. Flocculation almost complete. Beer was clear after the yeast had settled (October 23, 2006).

Primed with 4 oz. (by weight) of corn sugar dissolved in 1 quart of water. Bottled two cases of bombers and set in the basement to condition (October 28, 2006).

Opened one of the two taster bottles while we were brewing the TFHD Stout. At this stage the beer has a whisky-like nose and alcohol wamth, which will mellow as it ages. Finish is smooth even at this stage (November 5, 2006).

Shared a few bottles with friends and family this holiday season. In mid-December, I brought a few bottles to an impromptu Christmas party following my son’s Holiday play performance. It was a hit. Even self-prescribed "non-Ale Drinkers" loved the beer. My brother in law, normally a wine guy, loved it so much he couldn’t get enough and another friend insisted that I give a bottle to her to take to a "beer-tasting" party she was attending. Eventually, my wife ran home and got six more bottles to meet demand. I believe the residual sweetness and alcohol warmth is what really appealed to people. I’ll be keeping a few bottles on this year’s reserve to open next year - it should only get better with age (December 26, 2006).

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Malts and Grains

Amount Malt/Grain %
11.00 pounds British Pale Ale Malt 78.6%
1.00 pounds Honey Malt 7.1%
1.00 pounds Crystal Malt 80L 7.1%
1.00 pounds German CaraMunich Malt II 7.1%
14.00 pounds Total Grain Weight 100%


Amount Adjunct
0.75 pounds Dark Brown Sugar


Amount Non-Fermentable Time
1/8 tsp. Super Irish Moss 15 minutes
1 tbsp. PH Stabilizer 60 minutes
1 tsp. Gypsum 60 minutes


Amount Hop Time AA
1.00 ounces Northern Brewer 60 min 8.7%
0.50 ounces Kent Golding 30 min 5.5%
0.50 ounces Kent Golding 10 min 5.5%
2.00 ounces Total Hop Weight


Name Lab/Manufacturer Form Amount
English Ale (WLP002) White Labs Liquid 35ml

Mash Infusion

Step Description Temp. Time
Dough In Acclimate grains. 152° F 5 min.
Mash Single infusion; stirring every 20 minutes. 152° F 60 min.
Sparge Batch sparge #1 with 1.5 gallons of water. 168° F 15 min.
Sparge Batch sparge #2 with 2.0 gallons of water. 168° F 15 min.
Sparge Batch sparge #3 with 1.5 gallons of water 168° F 15 min.


  • Single infusion mash for 60 minutes
  • Sparge with 5 gallons of 168 degree water
  • Total boil time: 60 minutes
    • Add Northern Brewer hops at boil (bittering)
    • Add first round of Goldings hops at 30 minutes (flavor)
    • Add Brown Sugar at 45 minutes
    • Add Irish Moss at 45 minutes
    • Add second round of Goldings hops at 50 minutes (aroma)
  • Cool wort to 70-75 degrees
  • Pitch yeast

Fermentation and Aging

7 days @ 65-70° F
7 days @ 65-70° F
63 days @ 65-70° F

St. Nicholas of Myra Winter Warmer

Date Brewed:  

Brew Day Data

  Target Actual Notes
Strike Water Amount: 4.7    
Strike Water Temperature:      
Mash Temperature(s):      
Mash Time:      
Sparge Water Amount: 3.8    
Sparge Water Temperature:      
Pre-Boil Gravity:      
Pre-Boil Amount: 5.5    
Post-Boil Amount: 5.0    
Boil Time: 60    
OG: 1.074 / 18° P    
Mash PH:      
Boil PH:      

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