Specialty Beer – All Grain


Malts and Grains

Amount Malt/Grain %
13.00 pounds German Pilsen Malt (2-Row) 68%
6.00 pounds German Light Munich Malt 31.4%
0.13 pounds German Carafa III De-Husked Malt 0.7%
19.13 pounds Total Grain Weight 100%


Amount Hop Time AA
2.25 ounces Hallertauer Mittlefruh 60 min 3.6%
2.25 ounces Total Hop Weight


Name Lab/Manufacturer Product ID Amount
2000 ml


Single infusion mash at 152-154° F for 60 minutes.

Fermentation and Aging

7 days @ 72° F


According to the German Beer Institute, a Dampfbier is: 

Dampfbier (literally: steam beer) is a centuries-old style from the region of the Bavarian Forest, the southeastern portion of Bavaria, near the Czech border. It is an all-barley ale, usually deep golden to light amber in color, with a unique feature: It is warm-fermented with Weissbier yeast at a temperature above 70°F (21°C), which gives the beer a slightly phenolic aftertaste. Brewed mostly in the summer, it is medium-bodied, very mildly hopped, and low in effervescence.