Name Atten Best For
Brewtek American Megabrewery - CL-0620 73% Light, Clean American style lagers.
Brewtek American Microbrewery Ale #1 - CL-0010 75% American Ales, Cream Ales
Brewtek American Microbrewery Ale #2 - CL-0020 75% American ales
Brewtek American Microbrewery Lager - CL-0630 73% All lager styles
Brewtek American White Ale - CL-0980 73% Hefe-Weizen, American Wheat
Brewtek Belgian Ale #1 - CL-0300 75% Belgian Ales, High gravity ales.
Brewtek Belgian Ale #2 - CL-0320 75% Flanders style Belgian Ales, Belgian Brown, Fruit beers
Brewtek Belgian Ale #3 - CL-0340 75% Belgian ales, Trappist Ales
Brewtek Belgian Wheat - CL-0900 73% Belgian Pils, Belgian Wit
Brewtek Brettanomyces Lambicus - CL-5200 73% Belgian Lambic beers
Brewtek British Draft Ale - CL-0160 75% Porters and Bitters.
Brewtek British Microbrewery Ale - CL-0110 75% English Bitters and Milds
Brewtek British Pale Ale #1 - CL-0120 75% British Pale Ales and Bitters.
Brewtek British Pale Ale #2 - CL-0130 75% British Pale Ale, other British Ales
Brewtek British Real Ale - CL-0150 70% Bitters and other English Ales
Brewtek California Esteem - CL-0690 73% California Common Beer, American or Robust porters
Brewtek Canadian Ale - CL-0260 75% Light Canadian Ales, Bitish Bitter, Pale Ale, Porters
Brewtek Classic British Ale - CL-0170 75% Bitters, Porters, Scottish Heavy Ales.
Brewtek East European Lager - CL-0680 73% Marzens, Oktoberfest
Brewtek German Weiss - CL-0930 73% Weiss, Weizen, other Southern German Wheat styles
Brewtek German Wheat - CL-0920 75% Weizen, Weizenbocks
Brewtek Irish Dry Stout - CL-0240 75% Dry Stouts
Brewtek Kolsch - CL-0400 75% German Kolsch
Brewtek Northern German Lager - CL-0660 73% German pilsners, Mexican and Canadian Lagers
Brewtek Noth-Eastern Micro Ale - CL-0060 75% American Ales, Reds, Ambers
Brewtek Old Bavarian Lager - CL-0650 73% German lagers, Bock, Dunkel, Helles
Brewtek Old German Ale - CL-0400 75% Altbier, German ales, some Wheat beers.
Brewtek Original Pilsner - CL-0600 73% Classic Czech Pilsners
Brewtek Pediococcus Damnosus - CL-5600 73% Belgian Lambic beers
Brewtek Saison - CL-0380 75% French or Belgian Ales and Grand Cru styles.
Coopers Cooper Ale 75% Most ales.
Fermentis Safale English Ale - S-04 73% Great general purpose ale yeast.
Fermentis Safale German Ale - K-97 73% High attenuation ales, wheat beers and weizens.
Fermentis Safbrew Ale - S-33 73% Most ales.
Fermentis Safbrew Specialty Ale - T-58 73% Complex ales. Especiall Belgians.
Fermentis Saflager German Lager - S-189 72% Wide range of lagers and pilsners.
Fermentis Saflager West European Lager - S-23 73% German style lagers and pilsners.
Danstar London 72% Well balanced British style ales.
Danstar Manchester 72% Complex, full bodied Porters, Stouts, Ales.
Danstar Nottingham 75% Good neutral ale yeast.
Doric Doric Ale 75% Ales
Edme Edme Ale Yeast 75% Ales requiring high attenuation.
Glenbrew Special Ale 75% All-malt beers.
Lallemand Nottingham Yeast 75% Ales
Lallemand Windsor Yeast 75% Ales
Lallemand - Lalvin Lalvin - K1V-1116 75% Souvingnon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Seyval.
Lallemand - Lalvin Lalvin - 71B-1122 75% Young wines such as nouveau, blush and sugar white.
Lallemand - Lalvin Lalvin - D-47 75% White wines such as Chardonnay and Rose. Also good for mead.
Lallemand - Lalvin Lalvin - EC-1118 75% All types of wine and also cider.
Lallemand - Lalvin Lalvin Bourgovin - RC 212 75% Red wines.
Munton-Fison Munton Fison Ale 75% High attenuation yeast good for most ales.
Red Star Pasteur Champagne 75% Meads, Barleywines, Imperial Stouts and high gravity ales.
Red Star Red Star Ale 77% High attenuation ales with a dry clean taste.
White Labs Abbey Ale - WLP530 75% Belgian Trappist Ale, Spiced Ale, Trippel, Dubbel, Grand Cru
White Labs American Hefeweizen Ale - WLP320 72% Oregon style American Hefeweizen
White Labs American Lager - WLP840 77% All American Style Lagers -- both light and dark.
White Labs Australian Ale Yeast - WLP009 72% Australian Ales, English Ales
White Labs Bastogne Belgian Ale - WLP510 77% High gravity beers, Belgian ales, Dubbels, Trippels.
White Labs Bavarian Weizen Yeast - WLP351 75% Bavarian Weizen and wheat beers.
White Labs Bedford British Ale - WLP006 76% English style ales - bitter, pale, porter and brown ale
White Labs Belgian Ale - WLP550 75% Belgian Ales, Saisons, Belgian Reds, Belgian Browns, White beers
White Labs Belgian Golden Ale - WLP570 77% Belgian Ales, Dubbel, Grand Cru, Belgian Holiday Ale
White Labs Belgian Saison I Ale - WLP565 70% Saison Ale, Belgian Ale, Dubbel, Trippel
White Labs Belgian Style Ale Yeast Blend - WLP575 77% Trappist and other Belgian ales.
White Labs Belgian Wit Ale - WLP400 76% Belgian Wit
White Labs Belgian Wit II - WLP410 72% Belgian Wit, Spiced Ale, Wheat Ales and Specialty Beers
White Labs British Ale - WLP005 70% Excellent for all English style ales including bitters, pale ale, porters and brown ale.
White Labs Burton Ale - WLP023 72% All English styles including Pale Ale, IPA, Porter, Stout and Bitters.
White Labs California Ale - WLP001 76% American Style Ales, Ambers, Pale Ales, Brown Ale, Strong Ale
White Labs California Ale V - WLP051 72% American style Pales, Ambers, Browns, IPAs, American Strong Ale
White Labs Champagne Yeast - WLP715 75% Wine, Mead and Cider
White Labs Cry Havoc - WLP862 68% All American Style Lagers -- both light and dark.
White Labs Czech Budejovice Lager - WLP802 77% Bohemian Style Pilsner
White Labs Dry English Ale - WLP007 75% Pale Ales, Amber, ESB, Brown Ales, Strong Ales
White Labs Dusseldorf Alt Yeast - WLP036 68% Alt biers, Dusseldorf Alts, German Ales
White Labs East Coast Ale - WLP008 72% American Ales, Golden ales, Blonde Ale, Pale Ale and German Alt styles
White Labs Edinburgh Ale - WLP028 72% Strong Scottish style ales, ESB, Irish Reds
White Labs English Ale - WLP002 66% English Pale Ale, ESB, India Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Porter, Sweet Stouts and Strong Ales
White Labs English Cider Yeast - WLP775 80% Cider, Wine and High Gravity Beer
White Labs Essex Ale Yeast - WLP022 73% British milds, pale ales, bitters, stouts.
White Labs European Ale - WLP011 67% Alt, Kolsch, malty English Ales, Fruit beers
White Labs German Ale II - WLP003 76% Kolsch, Alt and German Pale Ales
White Labs German Ale/Kolsch - WLP029 75% Kolsch, Altbiers, Pale Ales, Blonde and Honey Ales
White Labs German Bock Lager - WLP833 73% Bocks, Doppelbocks, Oktoberfest, Vienna, Helles, some American Pilsners
White Labs German Lager - WLP830 76% German Marzen, Pilsner, Lagers, Oktoberfest beers.
White Labs Hefeweizen Ale - WLP300 74% German style wheat beers. Weiss, Weizen, Hefeweizen
White Labs Hefeweizen IV Ale - WLP380 76% German style Hefeweizen
White Labs Irish Ale - WLP004 71% Irish Ales, Stouts, Porters, Browns, Reds and Pale Ale
White Labs Klassic Ale Yeast - WLP033 70% Bitters, milds, porters stouts and scottish ale styles.
White Labs London Ale - WLP013 71% Classic British Pale Ales, Bitters and Stouts
White Labs Mexican Lager - WLP940 74% Mexican style light and dark lagers.
White Labs Nottingham Ale Yeast - WLP039 77% British ales, pale ales, ambers, porters and stouts.
White Labs Octoberfest/Marzen Lager - WLP820 69% Marzen, Oktoberfest, European Lagers, Bocks, Munich Helles
White Labs Old Bavarian Lager - WLP920 69% Oktoberfest, Marzen, Bock and Dark Lagers.
White Labs Pacific Ale - WLP041 67% English & American ales including milds, bitters, IPA, porters and English stouts.
White Labs Pilsner Lager - WLP800 74% European Pilsners, Bohemian Pilsner
White Labs Premium Bitter Ale - WLP026 72% All English ales including bitters, milds, ESB, Porter, Stout and Barley Wine
White Labs San Francisco Lager - WLP810 67% California and Premium Lagers, all American Lagers
White Labs Southern German Lager - WLP838 72% German Pilsner, Helles, Oktoberfest, Marzen, Bocks
White Labs Southwold Ale - WLP025 71% British bitters and pale ales.
White Labs Steinberg-Geisenheim Wine - WLP727 80% Riesling wines.
White Labs Super High Gravity Ale - WLP099 80% Very high gravity beers and barley wine up to 25% alcohol.
White Labs Sweet Mead/Wine - WLP720 75% Sweet Mead, Wine and Cider
White Labs Sweet Mead/Wine - WLP727 75% Sweet Mead, Wine and Cider
White Labs Trappist Ale - WLP500 75% Trappist Ale, Dubbel, Trippel, Belgian Ales
White Labs Zurich Lager - WLP885 75% Swiss style lager, and high gravity lagers (over 11% ABV)
Wyeast American Ale - 1056 75% American Pale Ale, Scottish Ale, Porters, Sweet Stout, Barley Wine, Alt
Wyeast American Ale II - 1272 74% All American Ales, Brown Ales, Barley Wine
Wyeast American Lager - 2035 75% American Lagers and Pilsners
Wyeast American Wheat Ale - 1010 76% American Wheat, Berlin Weiss, Hefeweizen
Wyeast Bavarian Lager - 2206 75% German Bocks, Vienna, Oktoberfest, Hells, Marzens, Dunkel
Wyeast Bavarian Wheat - 3638 73% Bavarian Weizen, Hefeweizen
Wyeast Bavarian Wheat Yeast - 3056 75% Bavarian style wheat beers.
Wyeast Belgian Abbey II - 1762 75% Belgian Ales, Trappist Ales, Abbey Ales, Grand Cru
Wyeast Belgian Ale - 1214 74% Belgian Ales, Abbey Ales, Trappist Ales
Wyeast Belgian Ardennes - 3522 74% Belgian Ale
Wyeast Belgian Lambic Blend - 3278 70% Belgian Lambic
Wyeast Belgian Saison - 3724 78% Belgian Saison beer
Wyeast Belgian Strong Ale - 1388 75% Belgian Ales, Scottish Strong Ale,Trappist Ales, Dubbels, Trippels
Wyeast Belgian Wheat Yeast - 3942 75% Belgian Wheat, Bavarian Weizen
Wyeast Belgian Witbier - 3944 74% Belgian Wit, Grand Cru
Wyeast Bohemian Lager - 2124 71% Bohemian Pilsners, Pilsners, German Helles, Bocks
Wyeast Brettanomyces Bruxellensis - 3112 67% Belgian Lambic, Gueze Lambic, and Sour Browns
Wyeast British Ale - 1098 74% All British Ales, Pales, Bitters, English Strong Ale
Wyeast British Ale II - 1335 74% British and Canadian Ales, English Bitters
Wyeast British Cask Ale - 1026 75% British Ales
Wyeast Budvar Lager - 2000 73% Bohemian Pilsner, Classic Pilsners, Dortmunder and Light Lagers
Wyeast California Lager - 2112 69% California common beers, Steam Beer
Wyeast Czech Pilsner Lager - 2278 75% Bohemian and American Pilsner, Bocks, Oktoberfest, Marzen
Wyeast Danish Lager - 2042 75% Dortmund/Export Lagers
Wyeast European Ale - 1338 69% European Ales, German Ales, Alts, Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Kolsch
Wyeast European Lager II - 2247 75% Bohemian Pilsner, American Pilsner, Helles, Dunkel
Wyeast Forbidden Fruit - 3463 75% Belgian Wit, Grand Cru
Wyeast GF All American Ale - 1272 74% American Amber, Brown, IPA, Pale ales and stouts. Blondes and fruit beers.
Wyeast German Ale - 1007 75% German Ales, Alts, Kolsch, Dry Stout
Wyeast German Wheat - 3333 73% Bavarian Weizen
Wyeast Irish Ale - 1084 73% Irish Dry Stouts, Porter, Scottish Ale, Brown Ale, Imperial Stout, Barley Wine
Wyeast Kolsch Yeast - 2565 75% Kolsch, European Ales
Wyeast Lactobacillus Delbrueckii - 4335 67% Belgian gueze, lambic, sour brown ales, and Berliner Weisse.
Wyeast London Ale - 1028 75% English Ales, Bitters, IPAs, Brown Ale
Wyeast London Ale III - 1318 73% British Ales, Bitters
Wyeast London ESB Ale - 1968 69% English Bitters, IPA, Brown Ales, Mild Ales
Wyeast Munich Lager - 2308 75% Pilsners, Light Lagers, Dortmond/Export, Marzen/Oktoberfest, Dunkel
Wyeast North American Lager - 2272 73% American Pilsner, California Common, Canadian Lager, Oktoberfest, Marzen
Wyeast Northwest Ale - 1332 69% Oregon Ales, All American Ale styles
Wyeast Pediococcus Cerevisiae - 4733 67% Gueze and other Belgian styles.
Wyeast Pilsen Lager - 2007 73% American Pilsner, Bohemian Pilsner, Light Lagers
Wyeast Ringwood Ale - 1187 70% Ringwood Ale, Brown Ales
Wyeast Roselare Belgian Blend - 3763 70% Belgian sour brown and red beers.
Wyeast Scottish Ale - 1728 71% Scottish Ale, Scottish Strong Ales, Sweet Stout, Imperial Stout, Barley Wine
Wyeast Thames Valley Ale - 1275 74% British Bitters, ESB, India Pale Ale, English Strong Ale
Wyeast Trappist High Gravity - 3787 77% Belgian Wit, Trappist Ale, High gravity ales
Wyeast Urquell Lager - 2001 74% Bohemian Pilsner
Wyeast Weihenstephan Weizen - 3068 75% Bavarian Weizen
Wyeast Whitbread Ale - 1099 70% Whitbread Ale, British Ales, Pales, Bitters
Wyeast Wyeast Ale Blend - 1087 73% American and British Ale Styles.
Wyeast Wyeast Lager Blend - 2178 73% Classic Pilsners, Lagers, Bocks.
Brewferm Lager Lagers
Brewferm Blanche Wheats, witbiers.
Brewferm Top
Wyeast Canadian/Belgian - 3864 75-79% Belgian Ales, High gravity ales.
Wyeast Trappist Blend - 3789 75-80% Belgian Specialty Ale, Belgian Pale Ale, Flanders Red, Oud Bruin
Wyeast Brettanomyces Claussenii - 5151 80% Lambics, Geuze, Fruit Lambic, Flanders Red Ale
Wyeast Imperial Blend - 9093 75-80% American Barleywine, Imperial IPA, Imperial Red, Imperial Brown, Imperial Porter, Russian Imperial Stout
Wyeast Old Ale Blend - 9097 75-80% English Barleywine, English Strong Ale, Old Ale
Wyeast West Yorkshire Ale - 1469 67-71% English Ales
Wyeast English Special Bitter - 1768 72-78% English Ales
Wyeast French Saison - 3711 77-83% Belgian and French Ales
Wyeast Biere de Garde - 3725 74-79% Belgian and French Ales
Wyeast Farmhouse Ale - 3726 74-79% Belgian and French Ales
Fermentis Safale - US-05 75-79% American ales
Wyeast Octoberfest Lager - 2633 73-77% Baltic Porter, Classic Rauchbier, Oktoberfest/Marzen, Vienna Lager
White Labs San Diego Super Yeast - WLP090 76-83% American Ales
BSI Andechs Lager 72-74% Bavarian-style Lagers
White Labs Antwerp Ale - WLP515 73-80%
Wyeast Munich Lager II - 2352 72-74% Oktoberfest/Marzen, Munich Dunkel, Schwarzbier, Traditional Bock, Maibock/Hellesbock, Dopplebock, Eisbock
White Labs Belgian Saison III - WLP585 70-74% Belgian style Saisons
White Labs Brettanomyces Claussenii - WLP645
White Labs French Ale - WLP072 68-75% Biere de Garde, blond, amber, brown ales, and specialty beers
Lallemand Belle Saison 85-95% Saison, Belgian Ales
Wyeast Denny’s Favorite 50 - 1450 74-76%
Inland Island Colorado IPA - INIS-003 73%
Fermentis Saflager - W-34/70
Inland Island Belgian Gnome Ale - INIS-222 72-76% Belgian-style ales
Imperial Yeast Juice - A38 72-76% East Coast IPAs